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Our natural Angus beef is raised with no hormones,
no antibiotics
and are fed no animal by-products.

In The Beginning
The majority of all the cows raised on our 50 acre farm are
born and bred here as well.
This helps with our profit margins,
but it also helps us maintain control over the quality of the breed
of the herd. Occasionally, we will also buy cows from a local
farmer who follows the same natural practices.

Our cows are both black and red Angus, known for their great
flavor. All of our cows are on pasture with plenty of grass, water
and shade. If there is a season of drought, the cows are supplemented with orchard grass.

Once the cows are 9 –11 months old...
Previously, a large number of our customers preferred their beef with marbling, which is achieved by feeding them corn. So for our corn fed beef, their diet is supplemented with grain for another 120 days. This increases the flavor and tenderness of the beef. (There are no animal by-products in the feed, as stated above, so there is no chance of Mad Cow Disease.) The cows are hand fed and
always handled humanely.

NEW! Grass Fed Beef!
Recently, a equally large number of our customers began requesting beef which has NOT been supplemented with corn, but fed only grass. So to meet this new demand, we are now eliminating corn from the diet of particular cows during the last two to three months before slaughter, as that was the only time it was being introduced into their diet anyway.

When the cows are 12–18 months old...
the cow is then taken to a local USDA inspected processing plant
where the cows are slaughtered, and the beef is dry aged for
14–21 days.

Meat Processing
In dry aging,
moisture evaporates from the muscle and the beef's natural enzymes break down the connective tissues in the muscle. This creates tender beef with excellent flavor.

After aging, the beef is processed under a USDA inspector. Once processed, our beef is automaticallly inspected and tested to make sure it's safe*. It is then cut to customers' specifications and vacuum packaged to preserve freshness and to prevent freezer burn. This will keep the meat fresh for up to one year.


*Our meat is tested for E.coli at the packaging plant to be certain it's safe for human consumption.

our bull, "Mick"

Three of our Calves

Our farm is registered with the
National Animal Identification System,
allowing each cow to be traced back to the
original birthplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

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of your hamburger indicates freshness?

What is dry aging anyway?

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