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You can buy in large quantities:
GRASS & CORN FED $6.00/lb

• 1/4 beef (120 lbs=$778.80 grass, $720 corn)
• 1/2 beef (240 lbs=$1,557.60 grass, $1,440 corn)
• whole beef (480 lbs=$3,115.20 grass, $2,880 corn)

1. FIRST you make a deposit:
This amount is the same for everyone.
Please look for order form link on the right.
(First time customers, please call us
before you do anything.)

Pay Your Deposit, Grass Fed Beef
Pay Your Deposit, Corn Fed Beef

2. THEN you make a final payment:
This amount will vary depending on the
size of the animal. We will call you with the
final amount due.

Make FINAL Payment Here


********* Click here for an order form to let us ************
********* know which cuts you prefer.

First time customers, please call us or email us
and let us help you fill out this form.

Some places charge by dressed weight.
We charge by take home weight.
(Which means ours is custom-cut, dry-aged,
vacuum-packed, and ready to cook!)

Click here for an example of how a typical 1/4 beef can be divided.

Click here for an explanation of our simple 4-step process for ordering.

Our natural Angus beef is raised with no hormones, no antibiotics
and is fed no animal by-products.

Each quarter of beef costs approximately $750*, while final totals vary according
to weight. Each cow varies in size, so a quarter beef can weigh anywhere from
110 lbs. to 130 lbs. The number of specific cuts will vary with each animal and
can also change according to how thick you request your meat cut.

Quarters are actually a side of beef (1/2 beef) shared between two customers.
We do this so that you get cuts from the whole cow, not just a front or hind quarter.
A quarter of beef will need approximately 4 cu. ft. of freezer space.

If you're local, you might want to make the drive to pick up the meat at the
packaging company, Acre Station in Pinetown, NC.

If you'd like us to deliver the meat, we will drive up to 100 miles and bring it
right to your door. There will be a charge of .50¢ per mile.


This service needs to be quoted specifically for each customer.
Keeping in mind that the beef may either still be in the pasture grazing or in
the process of dry-aging when you place your order, the final vacuum packaged
beef will ship with FedEx, and will normally ship out on a Tuesday and will arrive
on the following Thursday. We will provide you with a delivery date either when
you place your order with us, or when we call you with your final order total.

The beef will be shipped in a cooler which will hold 30–35 lbs of meat, and will
be kept cool with specialized gel packs. The final weight of each cooler will be
approximately 40–45 lbs per full cooler.

For example, to ship one quarter beef (which equals approximately 120 lbs),
would require four coolers.This translates into 160 lbs of actual shipping weight.
Of course, the closer you are to us, the less expensive it is to ship. East of the Mississippi River, it can cost up to $1.50 per pound, for a shipping charge
of $240. West of the Mississippi can cost as much as $2.50 per pound,
for a total of $400.

You can choose the
thickness of your steaks–
from 1/2" to 1-1/2"!

Any Meat Cuts you do not want
will be put into hamburger. The
Thicker The Steaks, The Fewer
Number of Steaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering if the color
of your hamburger indicates freshness?

What is dry aging anyway?

Some answers to our most
frequently asked questions
are found here

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(Please check back occasionally as well, as this bulk policy may change as demand grows. Prices subject to change.)