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My name Is Nicole and I’ve been purchasing meat from Sadler Farms for a year now and I will never buy another piece of beef from a grocery store again! The beef that they raise has no growth hormones or antibiotics in it. I have also been using the services of the place where their meet is butchered and I have zero complaints. From start to finish the whole process is done on a very personal and professional manner. You will not find 100% Angus beef at a better price anywhere. The meat is not injected with preservatives, dyes, blood, and soaked in bleach like in a grocery store. I pay the extra money to have my meat shipped to me from N.C. because I would rather buy my meat from them than try to find somebody closer because I know that the quality of the beef is top quality. I know that I will be involved in deciding what cuts of beef I want and don’t want. I also know that I’m getting exactly what I want. I am personally called by Barry Sadler and we go over exactly what I want. He also tells me exactly when my meat will be ready. I have not had one complaint from anybody that I know that has come to my home and had beef. Even chuck roasts which are known to be a tough cut of meat will fall off the bone and will not need a knife to cut it with.

Nicole, New York, NY

I was introduced to Sadler Farms beef by a friend of mine, who loaned me a roast and some hamburger to try before ordering. I have since placed an order myself and can't say enough about the tenderness and flavor in the meat, from the steaks to the hamburger. And when I did have a question, they responded quickly and pleasantly. I intend to be a long-time customer.

Tammy, Jamesville, NC

Our family has been enjoying your beef for several years. I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you! It gives me peace of mind to know that I am able to provide meat to my family that has not been injected with hormones and is truly natural beef. Sadler Farm's natural beef has always exceeded our expectations. We do not go out for steak any more....can't find any better than at home in our freezer! Hamburger is served often in many recipes and roasts are incredibly tender and delicious. You make my cooking easier– portion sizes are packaged to fit our family's needs (cut and packaged to our specifications). Thank you for always personally reviewing our order to make sure any questions are answered and ensure quality service. Most of all thank you for the quality of meat you help me provide for my family!

Nancy, North Carolina